Josh Peterman is an Associate in the Walnut Creek office of Fehr & Peers, a transportation planning and engineering firm with nearly 200 employees in 12 offices throughout North America. He has 13 years of experience in the design and implementation of traffic signals and signal systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), striping and signing, as well as pedestrian and bicycle improvements. He has completed designs for dozens of agencies, public and private entities and institutions. He has been responsible for the development and implementation of specialized communications systems for trans-portation projects, including a wide array of hardware and soft-ware. He is also proficient in analyzing signal operations and has extensive experience developing improved signal timing plans, including the re-timing of hundreds of traffic signals over the span of his career. Mr. Peterman is also involved in efforts to define the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) benefits of signal timing and other ITS improvements.

Mr. Peterman graduated from the University of California at Davis with a B.S. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 1996, and obtained a M.S. degree from UT-Austin in Civil Engineering in 1999. He is a registered Civil and Traffic Engineer in the state of California and a registered Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE). He also holds a certificate in Telecommunications from UC Berkeley. He is a member of ITE, ITS America and ITS California.