Kelvin C. P. Wang is a Professor at Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma. Dr. Wang is the leader of a team for 15 years, which has conducted research and delivered operational products on the automated survey of pavement surface distresses. In the 1990s, he pioneered the method of integrating digital media and databases into centralized information systems for highway management, referred to MMHIS or MHIS. Dr. Kelvin Wang is credited for developing the Digital Highway Data Vehicle (DHDV) and related data automation technologies. The Automated Distress Analyzer (ADA) is world's leading software for processing pavement surface cracks at 1-mm resolution and at highway speed. His research supports developing technologies for the U.S. DOT, UTC, FHWA, FAA, Arkansas highway department, and Louisiana Department of Transportation.

For last three years, his research work is focused on database support for the new MEPDG and DARWin-ME pavement design draws national and international attention. It is anticipated that the software developed by the team led by Dr. Wang will become a design tool for pavements in more than 10 state and Federal agencies in the U.S.

Dr. Wang's research work was reported by the Economist weekly magazine, CNN, ENR, and ASCE magazine. His work is widely followed by academics and the industry. The technologies based on Dr. Wang research in the past 10 years are used in the U.S. and Canada, Europe, South Africa, the Mid-East, and China. Dr. Wang has chaired, or co-chaired eight international conferences on transportation and technology topics. He currently holds leadership positions in ASCE and TRB committees, and received ASCE 2011 Frank M. Masters Transportation Engineering Award.