Marc Percher is a civil engineer with more than 16 years of experience in structural engineering design and analysis of marine structures, oil and gas facilities for earthquakes, and building structures for blast loads. He has acted as audit team leader, lead analyst, or reviewer for numerous seismic analyses of marine oil terminals as part of audits for California's Marine Oil Terminal Engineering and Maintenance Standards (MOTEMS) requirements. Mr. Percher has also been involved with the ASCE 61 committee on seismic design of pier and wharf structures, and has used the document extensively for the design and retrofit of new and existing marine structures. As part of this work he performed and evaluated response spectrum and nonlinear pushover analyses using displacement-based performance criteria and incorporating soil-structure interaction and nonlinear material performance. Mr. Percher also enjoys a nice day out on the boat inspecting for above water damage.

Mr. Percher received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Tufts University in 2001 and continued on with a Master of Science in Structural Engineering from the same fine institution.

He has also been involved with post-earthquake investigations of port facilities in Chile in 2010 and had the honor of leading a team in Japan in 2011. These investigations focused on the performance of piers and wharves, bulkheads, cargo transfer systems, and other port specific infrastructure.

In additional to his involvement with the ASCE 61 committee, Mr. Percher also sits on a subcommittee developing the new ASCE-COPRI Manual of Practice for the Rehabilitation of Waterfront and Marine Structures. He was also on the PIANC 172 WG committee, which addressed design of small and medium LNG terminals, including seismic design.

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