Portrait of Marco Rosignoli

Marco Rosignoli has 34 years of experience in bridge design and construction in the US and abroad. Working with bridge constructors, designers, and owners in 22 countries on four continents, he has served as designer, reviewer, technical leader or technology consultant on 6 cable-stayed bridges, 34 incrementally launched bridges, multiple balanced cantilever bridges, and well over 30 miles of light-rail and high-speed railway bridges.

International expert of mechanized bridge construction and the incremental launching of bridges, he is the author of 4 bridge books published worldwide, 3 book chapters, over 90 scientific publications and presentations, and chapter 6.37.40 Bridge Erection Machines of UNESCO Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, and he holds 32 patents on bridge construction methods.

Marco Rosignoli is serving as Bridge Technical Director at Dragados USA.

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