Mark C. Gemperline is President, MCG Geotechnical Engineering, an environmental and geotechnical engineering expert and president of MCG.

Dr. Gemperline received his Bachelor of Science, Masters, and PhD degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Utah (Salt Lake City, Utah), the University of Colorado (Boulder, Colorado), and Colorado State University (Colorado State University) respectively.

The Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) employed Dr. Gemperline for 32 years and in the later 22 of those years Dr. Gemperline provided expert advice, assistance, training, guidance and counseling as a geotechnical engineer in support of BOR and National Park Service (NPS) environmental needs. Dr. Gemperline supervised geotechnical testing, performed engineering analyses and design, assured BOR complied with environmental laws and regulations, designed and implemented site characterizations, performed human health and ecological risk analyses associated with physical and chemical hazards, managed programs through and in all steps of the CERCLA process, supervised a geoenvironmental testing laboratory and prepared reports and legal documents.

Dr. Gemperline developed the underlying principle of risk-based composite sampling for environmental sites in 1991 while investigating defensible uses of screening technologies. He first introduced the concepts needed to conduct defensible risk-based composite sampling in a paper presented and published in the proceedings of the Superfund XIV Conference in 1993 and addressed additional topics the following year in a paper to the “First International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics, 1994.

Since then he has successfully designed and implemented many site characterization and cleanup verification programs utilizing the method and demonstrated its superiority to discrete sampling. He has also used the method to produce high quality laboratory data. Results of some of these efforts were reported in papers presented in the documents section of this web site. Dr. Gemperline provided customized incremental sampling methodology training to BOR employees.

Since the incorporation of MCG, Dr. Gemperline has continued to provide expert advice, assistance, training, guidance and counseling in support of BOR and NPS environmental needs and to provide customized training related to incremental sampling methodology to Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) personnel and contractors.