Michael Igo is a Professional Engineer, licensed in 9 states, designing and managing water resources projects regionally and nationally for Irrigation Consulting. His unique educational background lends to the ability to design for mechanical systems (piping, pumping, motors, and controls) as well as civil infrastructure (ponds, wells, tanks, small buildings, and drainage).

After working for a Boston-area civil engineering firm for 7 years, Michael began working at Irrigation Consulting in 2007 primarily to design and manage projects in the then-emerging rainwater harvesting industry for irrigation. Using his graduate school thesis research experience, he created a robust rainwater harvesting-soil moisture computer model that optimally sizes tanks from both and economic and environmental cost-benefit analysis. The development of this model afforded him the opportunity to present a paper on his theoretical findings on Pareto efficiency with irrigation at the 2011 ASCE Environmental Water Resources Institute World Congress in Palm Springs, CA. At the Congress, he was distinguished as a Diplomate, Water Resources Engineer by the AAWRE. Irrigation Consulting is now recognized as an industry leader for alternative water and harvesting design.

In his time with Irrigation Consulting as a LEED Accredited Professional, Michael has documented successfully-awarded credits for dozens of certified projects for his clients. In addition, he is an Irrigation Association Certified Irrigation Designer working on many fine interior and exterior landscapes.

Michael has his Bachelor of Science Degree from Boston University in Aerospace Engineering and his Master of Science Degree from Tufts University.