Nason J. McCullough is a senior geotechnical engineering with Jacobs Engineering, and is a registered Professional Engineer in five states with more than 17 years of marine geotechnical engineering experience. His professional career has included all aspects of geotechnical engineering for marine facilities, such as marine and terrestrial geotechnical explorations, seismic hazard studies, and the geotechnical design of land reclamation, breakwaters, pile-supported wharves, piers, sheetpile bulkheads, etc.; working on marine projects in over a dozen countries, including projects for the mitigation and upgrade of existing facilities, the design of cruise ship piers and LNG terminals, to new container terminal facilities on reclaimed land. Dr. McCullough received his Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctorate in Civil Engineering from Oregon State University, majoring in Geotechnical Engineering and minoring in Ocean Engineering. He participated in the earthquake reconnaissance team for the 2011 Haiti Earthquake with ASCE-TCLEE to investigate the performance of marine and waterfront facilities.

Dr. McCullough is an active member of the ASCE 61-19 Standards Committee (Seismic Design of Piers and Wharves) and is the lead for the geotechnical task subcommittee. He has been adjunct faculty at Oregon State University for the graduate level class on Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering. Dr. McCullough has been the author or co-author on over 30 peer-reviewed papers related to geotechnical engineering and was a contributing author to the 2001 PIANC International Seismic Design Guidelines for Port Structures.

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