Nathaniel Dubbs has been actively involved in analysis, design, and rehabilitation projects for Intelligent Infrastructure Systems for more than eight years. As Practice Leader for Monitoring of Performance and Risk for Intelligent Infrastructure Systems, he has been responsible for structural evaluation, monitoring, and testing of critical large scale bridges and integrates bridge design, bridge inspection and structural evaluation expertise into a value added service for bridge owners and asset managers. His expertise includes structural identification of aging bridges, using novel technologies for preservation purposes. Additionally, Dr. Dubbs has designed, installed, and managed multiple structural health monitoring systems aimed at characterizing the various demands placed on critical structural members for multiple bridges and assisted with the execution of multiple best practice structural testing applications.

Dr. Dubbs has presented multiple papers on structural identification and structural health monitoring applications at various conferences and serves on the Structural Identification Committee of the ASCE-SEI and is also a reviewer for the Journal of Bridge Engineering. Dr. Dubbs earned his B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering and Ph.D. in Structural Engineering from Drexel University. His Ph.D. dissertation explored the topic of advanced approaches to model-experiment correlation.

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