Newton C. Jackson is the Senior Civil Engineer for Nichols Consulting Engineers. He was employed by WSDOT for 28 years in various field offices and in the Materials Laboratory. While in the field offices he was involved in both project construction and design, serving as Inspector through Project Engineer. He served in various capacities in the Materials Laboratory, beginning as Pavement Design Engineer and finishing as the Assistant Materials Engineer for Pavements. He was responsible for all issues regarding pavements for WSDOT from planning and programming the projects through their design, construction, and finally maintenance. He was also responsible for developing or modifying programming, design, construction, and maintenance policies and procedures dealing with pavements. He developed the current pavement management and design systems used by WSDOT.

Mr. Jackson served as Chairman of the Transportation Research Board Section - Pavement Management (A2B00), and is a member of the Group 2 Council - Design and Construction of Transportation Facilities (A2000), and the Task Force on Transportation and Sustainability (A5T57 ). He has served as Chair of the TRB Committee on Flexible Pavement Design, as well as a member of the AASHTO Task Force on Pavements and Pavement Management.

Mr. Jackson has been involved in developing and conducting special workshops and classes on pavement design, construction, and maintenance in the United States, as well as in Canada, Sweden, and China.