Nico Sutmoller is the Director of Sustainability and Resilience as well as the Global Lightweight Fill Specialist for Aerix Industries. He works in conjunction with the technical staff in providing his knowledge and experience with numerous geotechnical, civil and structural issues, including unacceptable soil settlement, lateral load reduction, slope stabilization and reducing loads over buried utility issues. Nico joined Aerix Industries as a Lightweight Fill Specialist with a special emphasis in geotechnical applications. Since the 1990s, Nico has worked on a multitude of commercial and infrastructure lightweight fill projects throughout the United States and the Caribbean. He also has an extensive amount of geofoam experience in the ultralight weight fill markets and has written extensively on the use of lightweight fill materials as a solution. Throughout the country, Nico is a frequent guest speaker at various ASCE Chapters, Geotechnical conferences, USACE districts, numerous DOTs, P3 ventures, including various General Contractors, Engineering and Architectural firms. Nico also works with specialty contractors, sub-contractors and general contractors to install the Aerix technologies including the Aerix patented pervious cellular concrete technology.

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