Paolo Gazzarrini has been an independent specialty foundation consultant based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, since 1998. He received his Masters in Civil Engineering at Milan Polytechnic, Italy, and has more than 35 years of experience in specialty geotechnical contracting and engineering.

He has been involved in grouting foundation projects for major hydroelectric projects all over the world with experience in foundation techniques, tunneling, tunneling consolidation, diaphragm walls, anchoring, rock/soil grouting and jet grouting. His first jet grouting project was in 1981 and he has been witness to the evolution of the technology since then.

He is a member of ASCE-GI, ASDSO, USSD, ASTM and DFI (USA) and CGS and TAC (Canada) and he is an active participant on the ASCE-Geo Institute Grouting Committee, as past Chairman of the Committee. Paolo also participates as an educator at Austin University, TX, at the annual Grouting Fundamental & Current Practice course providing instruction on several aspects of jet grouting. He also lectures at UBC on the topic of soil/rock improvement and TBM.

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