Randy Kissell is a senior partner with TGB, an engineering firm specializing in aluminum structural design. A graduate of Cornell University, Randy has over 30 years of experience designing aluminum structures, including over 1,000 clear span roofs, some of which have been featured in Civil Engineering and ENR. He is the co-author of Aluminum Structures, A Guide to Their Specifications and Design, published by John Wiley, and now in its 2nd edition. He has conducted aluminum design seminars and given presentations at numerous ASCE Structures Congresses and for building code officials, AASHTO, the FHWA, and AWS. He has been a licensed structural engineer in over 20 states and is Secretary of the American Welding Society’s Aluminum Welding Subcommittee and Aluminum Association’s Engineering and Design Task Force. He is also a member of ASCE’s Load Standards Committee and the Canadian Standards Association Aluminum Structures Committee.

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