Randy Murphy, President and Founder of Grafton Technologies, Inc., has worked in the aviation industry for over 20 years, the last 18 of which have been focused on the application of information technologies for airports. Thirteen years ago, he established Grafton Technologies, a firm dedicated to the advancement of information technologies for airports. A key part of the firm's focus is on the research, development and implementation of GIS, CADD, Imagery and related technologies for airports and the FAA. Since then, he has supported research projects for the AAAE, ASCE, FAA, TRB, and U.S. DOT. He has helped implement systems at numerous large, medium and small airports. His technical focus is on the development of data standards, implementation of databases, and design of computer applications. He has supported the AAAE GIS Sub-Committee since its inception, is Co-Chair of the TRB Airports GIS Sub-Committee, and is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineer's 38-02 committee on subsurface utilities engineering.