Sally-Ann Moore, as Principal Consultant in Management development and training for ASCE, Sally-Ann designs and facilitates custom workshops and seminars for executives and engineers. A great believer in participative and handson learning, she enjoys facilitating workshops and courses to solve business problems. Her main focus is written communications – she teaches engineers and executives effective business writing for results. Sally-Ann Moore is a BSC graduate from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. After which she attended INSEAD and completed a masters in Strategic Planning.

Ms. Moore worked on strategic techno-economic planning programs for six years at the prestigious Battellle European research institute, during which time she became interested in executive skills development. She went on to become head of Learning and development of Digital equipment corporation EMEA, and became a leading world expert on eLearning and competence management. She has published several papers on these topics and is a well-known international keynote speaker. Since becoming a management consultant, Ms. Moore has developed and delivered numerous management seminars and workshops for clients across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the USA. Recent clients where she has taught “Effective Business Writing”” and “Effective Writing for Engineers” include Caterpillar, HSBC Private banking, Airbus (EADS Group) Phillip Morris International, Sunoco Oil, The British Embassy Trade Commission, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), New York DEP, and US Army Corps of Engineers.