Scott Douglas Gibson has been involved in highway and pavement engineering for nearly 40 years. This has involved construction, design, research, and training. He is currently responsible for a 1500 lane mile road network for the RTC (Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County), an MPO with 3 member agencies. He helps develop an $18m annual program of pavement preservation projects, and is directly in charge of a $6m annual preventive maintenance program consisting of slurry seals and microsurfacing.

In cooperation with the local agencies, he has helped develop and implement a program to integrate the local agency pavement management systems to prioritize regional road project selection. His selection is based on condition and need that is blind to jurisdiction and most beneficial to the pavement network as a whole. Implementing cost effective pavement preservation concepts has resulted in an average PCI for the regional road network of 87: optimal for minimizing cost and maximizing performance life.

In addition to improving network pavement condition, he has leveraged the preservation program to address the RTC's complete street policy goals. The slurry program provides a blank canvas of opportunity for road diets, bike lanes, shoulder stripes, or lane reductions that create space for other users. This has added more than a hundred miles of bike lanes, dramatically reduced crashes, and helped gain program support funding opportunities as well.