Scott Lockyear is a technical director for the WoodWorks initiative which provides free support to design professionals that want to utilize wood in commercial structures. Scott has a Master of Science in civil engineering from Washington State University where he conducted research on wood/plastic composites. He is an associate member of the ASCE 7 wind and main committees and has over 10 years of experience dealing with wind design as it relates to wood frame structures.

Prior to joining WoodWorks Lockyear was the Regional Engineer in the Southeast for Weyerhaeuser, one of the largest wood manufacturers in the United States. Lockyear has been involved in the development of pre-fabricated panels, customer support, along with innovative techniques for resisting design loads.

While working for the American Wood Council, Scott was responsible for updating the 2001 Wood Frame Construction Manual for High Wind Design. He has been involved with wood codes and standards development on various topics including wind, seismic, and durability.

Lockyear has conducted numerous seminars relating to wood frame construction for organizations such as local engineering and AIA chapters across the southeast US in addition to county and state building code organizations. He is often a speaker at Wood Solution Fairs across the U.S.