Stephen B. Ellingson is a Principal with Vatten Associates in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been with TRC for about six years and is responsible for business development, senior technical review and client stewardship across a broad range of programs. He also leads transportation safety and security projects. He is currently the co-leader of the firm's Transactional Advisory Services group, excels at evaluating and enhancing management systems; and is a member of TRC's Drone Working group.

Prior to joining TRC, Steve worked for about 15 years as a compliance director for Koch Industries in Wichita, KS and Georgia-Pacific in Atlanta, GA. Before becoming a compliance director, he worked for about 10 years with Arcadis as a project manager, office manager and national technical lead. He began his career working as a Program Supervisor with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. While in college, he worked as an architectural draftsman at two design firms in Minneapolis, MN. Steve grew up and received his undergraduate and master's degree in Minnesota before moving to the Southwest and receiving his Ph.D. from Arizona State University.