Stephen Fisher is the Lead Structural Engineer for Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems located in Sacramento California. He has 23 years of work experience in the structural design of buildings and non-structural components. As a Lead Structural Engineer for Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems, Mr. Fisher is in charge of all structural design and testing of the company's curtain wall systems. This involves the design of custom aluminum extrusions and connections to the building structure and coordination with the building structural engineer and local building authorities. Curtain wall systems range from fully captured to four sided structurally glazed and stick framed on site to shop assembled unitized systems. Mr. Fisher was also involved in the design of Bagatelos' UL Rated BiPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) curtain wall systems for stick, unitized, and rain screen applications. His current projects include major California hospitals and private commercial multi-level buildings. Seismic evaluations of the curtain wall systems is a major design component since most of the company's projects are located in California.

Mr. Fisher has performed extensive computer Finite Element Modeling (FEM) of 4SSG unitized curtain wall systems for a current California hospital project in San Francisco to ensure adequate performance of the structural silicone sealant. This FEM modeling was validated with AAMA 501.6 Dynamic Racking Crescendo Testing in March of 2010. Mr. Fisher, representing Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems has been involved in research work with Professor Ali Memari at Pennsylvania State University and DOW Corning which explores and documents the performance of a 4SSG curtain wall systems when expose to dynamic seismic racking. Additionally, Mr. Fisher has co-authored two journal articles published in the Journal of ASTM International regarding the seismic design of structurally glazed curtain wall systems. He holds BS and MS degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of California at Davis and is a licensed Structural Engineer in the State of California.

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