Thomas Spencer is a registered Structural Engineer, and Professional Engineer in 36 states and territories, and an ACOPNE Diplomate of Port Engineering with more than 38 years of experience in the design, inspection, assessment and rehabilitation of marine structures. Mr. Spencer is an engineer diver and has particular expertise in the assessment of degradation of marine structures, both above water and underwater. Mr. Spencer has focused on the rehabilitation of marine structures and designing the repairs for a desired service life. Mr. Spencer is familiar with asset management systems and was the U.S. Navy's marine subject matter expert for their facility condition assessment program.

Mr. Spencer received the degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the Oregon State University.

Mr. Spencer is also an active member of the ASCE‐COPRI Ports and Harbors Committee. He was a contributing author for the recently publishing ASCE‐Underwater Investigations, Standard Practice Manual (MOP 101), ASCE‐COPRI Manual of Practice for Waterfront Facility Inspection and Assessment (MOP 130) and PIANC Report No. 162‐2016 "Recommendations for Increased Durability and Service Life of New Marine Concrete Infrastructure". He also chairs the subcommittee developing the new ASCE-COPRI Manual of Practice for the Rehabilitation of Waterfront and Marine Structures.

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