Vincent J. Cushing is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of QCoefficient, Inc. At the core, QCo's EMeister is a SaaS platform that combines breakthroughs in building energy modeling and model predictive control to harness the drywall and concrete in large commercial buildings as a grid-scale thermal energy storage medium. EMeister reduces HVAC energy use and expense; and shrinks the carbon footprint and provides grid-scale flexibility to accommodate PV and wind. EMeister is the product of a multi-year, multi-disciplinary RD&D effort by QCo and the Architectural Engineering Departments at the University of Colorado Boulder, the Penn State University and the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Vince has 50 years of experience as an engineer, manager, and executive in the electric power industry, including power contracting; regional grid operations and markets; grid ancillary services; fossil plant NOx/SO2 compliance and allowance trading; grid-scale energy storage; 500kV and 230kV substation design and construction; financial risk management; SCADA systems; demand response; strategic planning; and transmission planning. He has developed and applied advanced analytical approaches to financial risk management, asset valuation, power supply planning, emissions compliance, energy storage, and financial forecasting. Mr. Cushing has served on and chaired national and regional committees, including for the Edison Electric Institute, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the Electric Power Research Institute, and the North American Electric Reliability Council. He holds several patents and has co-authored several technical papers on building/grid integration.

He earned his bachelor's in electrical engineering from the University of Notre Dame and a master's in engineering administration from George Washington University. He is a retired Registered Professional Engineer from the State of Maryland.

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