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Established in 2009, the ASCE Industry Leaders Council (ILC) engages senior leaders from industry, academia, government, and non-governmental organizations to identify strategic actions for ASCE and the civil engineering profession.

Participation in the Council provides opportunities for networking and collaboration with industry leaders in a multi-disciplinary setting to develop solutions to key challenges facing the profession such as workforce development, sustainability, project delivery improvement, risk management, and infrastructure resilience.

ILC activities

The key responsibilities of the ILC include identifying the current and emerging civil engineering challenges and issues. Through thoughtful discussion, ILC members identify emerging industry trends impacting the civil engineering profession; identify innovative approaches and solutions to industry challenges; partner with ASCE to drive change in the industry and the profession; provide ongoing strategic advice to the ASCE Board of Direction and ASCE Executive Director; promote awards that foster innovation and leadership; and participate in the selection process of award recipients. ILC members also help facilitate effective interaction with related organizations. ILC activities are cofunded through ASCE and the ASCE Innovation Fund. The ASCE ILC strives to be forward thinking, nimble and flexible. Through collaboration and networking, the Council looks for opportunities to extend its influence across national and/or global civil engineering. Through surveys and face to face discussions, the ILC members identify their topics of discussion. Topics may change to meet a current need or opportunity for influence. Meeting agendas are developed through member collaboration and contain defined goals and desired outcomes. 

The ILC holds two meetings per year and conducts conference calls on an as-needed basis.

ILC membership