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Pre-College Outreach

  • Are you a teacher or engineer looking to inspire the next generation of civil engineers? Are you a student who wants to find out why civil engineering is loads of fun?

    Perhaps you are looking for lessons, videos, and activities to do at home? ASCE can help! We are compiling and highlighting materials from a variety of ASCE-supported sources to support parents and teachers experience hands-on engineering at home. Check back frequently as our resource list grows.

  • Everyday Engineering: [email protected]

    In this series we are adapting some of the support activities developed for the award-winning documentary, Dream Big: Engineering Our World, to showcase how they can be done at home.

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    What to Watch

    • Dream Big: Engineering Our World is available on Netflix and can also be obtained from Vimeo for $6.99 for a 48-hour period of time or $13.99 to view and download anytime.
    • Check out a variety of short (4-6 minute) videos covering a range of engineering topics. Technical subjects including wind engineering, clean water, earthquakes, and virtual engineering. There are also interviews with female engineers and a Spanish language webisode. Looking for something fun? Check out “How Kids Engineer a Bridge.”
    • What Do Civil Engineers Do? Provides an overview of civil engineering from the perspective of 3 high-interest projects including a sports stadium, deep tunnel, and humanitarian engineering.

    Meet an Engineer

    • New Faces of Civil Engineering—young, diverse civil engineers who are already making a difference. Resources include print articles as well as short videos. Meet current college students as well as working professionals under the age of 30.
    • Historic Civil Engineers—Learn more about the accomplishments of past civil engineering leaders including the builder of the Eiffel Tower (Gustav Eiffel) , Hoover Dam (Stephen Bechtel Sr.), and the woman whose efforts completed the Brooklyn Bridge, Emily Warren Roebling.
    • Chat With a Civil Engineer—contact [email protected] for more information on how to arrange an email or video chat.

    Notable Civil Engineering Icons

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