Current highway infrastructure design and operational features do not adequately accommodate connected and automated vehicle operations. The start of public use of automated CAV vehicles will influence the timeline and pace of needed changes.

A new paper in the Journal of Infrastructure Systems, “Preparing Road Infrastructure to Accommodate Connected and Automated Vehicles: System-Level Perspective” by Tariq Usman Saeed, A.M.ASCE; Bortiorkor N. T. Alabi, S.M.ASCE; and Samuel Labi, M.ASCE, discusses the challenges and opportunities required to support CAV operations. Learn more about their suggested classification of roadway infrastructure in the full paper, found in the ASCE Library.


Highway agencies seek knowledge of the changes in infrastructure design and management necessary for connected and automated vehicle (CAV) operations. This technical note presents preliminary and partial results of ongoing research. The note establishes a classification of roadway infrastructure and discusses the challenges and opportunities associated with infrastructure preparation for CAVs. The technical note also identifies stakeholder roles regarding CAV infrastructure provision and discusses uncertainties regarding CAV market penetration and level of autonomy during the CAV transition period.

Read the full paper in the ASCE Library: