aerial view of excavator
The new ASCE IIJA Resource Center helps you find the funding for your project.

If you’re talking civil engineering in early 2022, then your discussion likely will soon turn to the recently enacted bipartisan infrastructure law.

Funny how $1.2 trillion has a knack for finding its way into conversation.

President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law last Nov. 15, and not even three months later, the money has already begun to enter the civil engineering industry.

But where? For what projects?

ASCE’s new Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Implementation Resource Center helps answer those questions. The members-only resource includes legislative analysis and a list of open grant applications, with a schedule of upcoming funding distribution cycles coming soon.

“I think this resource center is extremely valuable to ASCE members and to the engineering community in general,” said Mike Tilchin, P.E., M.ASCE, a senior consultant for Jacobs.

“It just saves an enormous amount of research and legwork that we would otherwise have to do to access this information.”

The resource center breaks down the law into nine categories (energy, airports, dams and levees, etc.), with summaries of the specific investments flagged in the legislation for each, as well as updated funding opportunities.

For Tilchin, who regularly hosts meetings with clients looking for exactly this kind of information, the resource center is a jackpot of sorts.

“This is extremely valuable information to be able to bring to our clients, and providing value to clients is the core of our business,” Tilchin said. “It is a great asset – both in terms of assembling financial strategies to include accessing funds that come through the IIJA and the engineering community’s ability to move critical projects forward.”

ASCE members can access the IIJA Implementation Resource Center by visiting Email [email protected] for the password to access the internal pages.