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Start a Student Chapter

  •  Since 1852, ASCE has helped civil engineers find their professional home, and being part of an ASCE Student Organization will help you master the civil engineering skills you need to enter the profession.  If there isn't a Student Chapter at your university, why not start one?


    • The institution has an engineering or engineering technology program related to civil engineering and leading to an engineering or engineering technology degree;
    • The institution has at least 1 full-time faculty member who is an ASCE member and who agrees to serve as faculty adviser;
    • Endorsement of the application by the Civil Engineering department head or equivalent;
    • Endorsement of the application by official action of the ASCE Section or Branch in whose jurisdiction the institution is located;
    • Completion of one year of successful operation under the effective guidance of the ASCE Section or Branch in whose jurisdiction the institution is located;
    • Existing organized group of students has a minimum membership of 12 undergraduate and/or graduate students (at least half-time) in engineering or engineering technology program.

     Application Process

    1. Download and review the Guide to Establishing a ASCE Student Chapter. (rev. 9/20)
    2. Contact your ASCE Section or Branch and request the assistance and guidance of two Practitioner Advisors in organizing a new ASCE Student Chapter.
    3. Work with your Advisors to develop a schedule of student-planned meetings and activities for the group during the 12-month establishment period.
    4. Submit a Statement of Intent to Establish (rev. 3/21) (Note:  Submission to and acceptance by the Committee on Student Members (CSM) of a Statement of Intent to Establish marks the beginning of the one-year establishment period before you may submit a Student Chapter Application.)
    5. Hold regular and organized student-planned meetings and events for student officers and general members as planned, for a period of one year.
    6. Maintain records of the student-planned meetings and activities of the group.  (Note: Activities that are part of the regular curriculum, or that were organized and led by a member of the faculty do NOT count as student-planned activities.)
    7. Submit an application (rev. 9/20)to be reviewed by the Committee on Student Members.

    Additional files to be submitted with the application:

    (Application files must be accompanied by first year's Student Chapter Annual Dues.  Contact [email protected] for information on how to make this payment.)

    CSM reviews Statements of Intent to Establish and Student Chapter Applications three times a year—in the spring, in the summer, and in the fall.

    Deadlines for submitting documents for review

    • February 28 |  For the spring meeting
    • June 30 | For the summer meeting
    • September 30 | For the fall meeting

    Other Resources

    As you plan your activities for your establishing year, it might be helpful to watch the recordings of the seven Virtual Workshops for Student Chapters (WSCL) sessions.