The ASCE Annual Report provides a look at the highlights of the Society's efforts for the year.

2022 marked the final year of implementing ASCE’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan. Read on for a summary of major accomplishments made under that plan, as well as highlights of the year in review.

Connecting Engineers Worldwide

Goal 1: An ever-growing number of people in the civil engineering realm are members of, and engage in, ASCE.

  • ASCE has 160,000+ members in 177 countries
  • 18 international sections, 6 branches, 12 international groups, and 101 international student chapters
  • 15,100+ members participated on ASCE committees
  • 244,540 ASCE Collaborate users
  • 6,907 logged into ASCE Collaborate for the first time
  • 342,000+ ASCE Facebook likes
  • 287,740 LinkedIn Group
  • 239,000+ total followers on LinkedIn
  • Nearly 30,000 new followers on ASCE’s LinkedIn company page
  • 58,040 Twitter followers
  • Nearly 32,000 YouTube subscribers
  • 10,815 Instagram followers

Shaping the Future

Goal 2: Civil engineers develop and apply innovative, state-of-the-art practices, and technologies.

  • Future World Vision identified 6 key trends, their impact on 5 future worlds, and infinite possibilities for tomorrow
  • Future World Vision launched Mega City 2070 on 2-22-22 with a virtual event with 1,000+ registrants and 600+ attendees worldwide
  • 26 colleges and universities integrated Future World Vision into their undergraduate engineering programs’ curricula since its launch
  • 1,410 downloads of the Mega City 2070 and Floating City virtual platforms since its launch
  • 40,100+ pageviews on the new Future World Vision website
  • 1,000+ subscribers to the Future World Vision newsletter
  • 6 new standards and 6 manuals of practice promoting climate resilience for infrastructure

Enhancing Infrastructure

Goal 3: All infrastructure is safe, resilient, and sustainable.

  • Passage of the historic $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act represents 20+ years of infrastructure advocacy efforts by ASCE
  • Nearly 9,000 visits to the IIJA Implementation Resource Center
  • The 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure gave U.S. infrastructure systems an overall C- grade and saw improvement in 5 of 17 categories
  • 1,496 members and 2,000+ additional registrations attended the Report Card Solutions Summit
  • Passage of the $250 billion CHIPS and Science Act dramatically boosts funding for the NSF, NIST, and DOE Office of Science
  • Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act provides $369 billion for energy security and climate change programs
  • Passage of the Water Resources Development Act of 2022 provides more than $62 billion for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects and includes reauthorizing the National Levee Safety Program, creating a new National Low Head Dam Inventory, and codifying the existing Inland Waterways Trust Fund cost share formula
  • 225 members from 48 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico attended the hybrid ASCE Legislative Fly-In, with 142 participating in-person and 83 virtually, to meet with 231 Congressional offices
  • 1,489 earned the ISI Envision Sustainability Professional credential (ENV SP), with 46 earned through ASCE Continuing Education
  • 4,780 existing ENV SPs renewed their credential
  • 6 state Infrastructure Report Cards released
  • Nearly 8,300 members participated in ASCE’s Key Contact program
  • 994 advocates participated in key alerts, sending over 3,800+ emails to federal, state, and local elected officials
  • 15 projects verified using Envision sustainable infrastructure rating system representing $6 billion in infrastructure
  • Nearly 150,000 people accessed the ASCE 7 Hazard Tool
  • 7,053 downloads of ASCE 7-22
  • 1,049 subscribers to ASCE 7 Online
  • 3,339 attended the ASCE 7-22 webinar series

Fostering Leaders

Goal 4: ASCE advances the educational and professional standards for civil engineers.

  • 300+ unique registrations to the virtual ExCEEd Community Exchange since 2020
  • 1,097 ExCEEd Teaching Workshops graduates since 1999
  • 190+ educators attended the Civil Engineering Education Summit & National Civil Engineering Department Heads Conference to discuss the future of civil engineering education
  • 11,700+ accessed myLearning to track their PDHs
  • 39 new continuing education programs developed including 36 seminars and webinars and 3 Guided Online Courses
  • 106,200+ PDHs awarded through ASCE Continuing Education
  • 1,256 participated in ASCE Mentor Match
  • 23 million+ page views on ASCE Library
  • 6 million+ full-text downloads from ASCE Library
  • 21 regional student symposia with 5,900+ total attendees

Spotlighting the Profession

Goal 5: The public values civil engineers’ essential role in society.

  • Dream Big Engineering Our World introduced the wonders of civil engineering to millions of kids in 90 museums and 110,000 schools across the country
  • The Civil Engineering Source website and its companion piece, the daily Civil Engineering Source newsletter, was launched on Nov. 16, 2020
  • 87 new ASCE fellows
  • 2 History and Heritage landmarks designated: state of Alaska and the country of Australia
  • 5 Outstanding Projects And Leaders (OPAL) leadership award honorees
  • 11 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement (OCEA) honor awards: West Riverside Energy Center, Bronze winner; Moynihan Train Hall, Silver winner; & Rainier Square Redevelopment, OCEA winner
  • 10 Distinguished Members, Class of 2022
  • 20 New Faces of Engineering: 10 Collegiate honorees; 10 Professional honorees - 5 who have attained EIT status, 5 who have P.E. license
  • 798,000+ pageviews on the Civil Engineering Source
  • 105,300+ subscribers to the AI-driven Civil Engineering Source newsletter delivered to members 5 days a week
  • 18,290 pageviews for the 2022 Best Places to be a Civil Engineer content
  • 23,500+ ASCE media mentions

Building Global Collaboration

Goal 6: ASCE excels in strategic and operational effectiveness.

  • 62 Agreements of Cooperation with international organizations in 57 countries
  • 11,190+ attended ASCE conferences and events virtually and in-person
  • 77% of accepted journal papers are from outside the U.S.
  • 14 new student chapters formed: 1 in North America, 13 International

Advancing ASCE Forward Faster

  • ASCE’s new 2023-2028 Strategic Plan renews the Society’s vision, mission and commitment to members
  • 6 strategic shifts: innovate, advocate, inspire, stimulate, magnify, deliver
  • 18 strategic objectives established to drive ASCE and the profession forward to successfully meet each goal