Approved by the Committee on Licensure on February 1, 2023 
Approved by the Public Policy and Practice Committee on March 3, 2023
Adopted by the Board of Direction on July 22, 2023


ASCE supports licensing practices that facilitate rapid issuance of licensure by comity to Professional Engineers in good standing between licensure jurisdictions.


Rapid advances in technology, the complexity of projects, and the increasingly common use of geographically diverse teams of engineers from multiple firms and offices, is changing the marketplace for civil engineers. ASCE perceives a need for expedited licensure by comity in response to employment and project opportunities across jurisdictions.

Currently, procedures and administrative regulations in some jurisdictions may delay acquisition of a license by comity for a Professional Engineer who is already licensed in another jurisdiction. A licensee in one jurisdiction, with demonstrated professional competence through years of successful practice and a clear conduct record should be able to obtain a license in other jurisdictions in a timely manner by a simple, uniform process subject to any special qualifications which may be imposed by jurisdictions due to specific local conditions.


Civil engineering practice requires a rapid and effective response to infrastructure and other public concerns. Timely approval of requests for authorization to practice engineering in other jurisdictions enhances the ability of Professional Engineers to meet these needs. 

ASCE Policy Statement 464
First Approved in 1994