How does ASCE define workforce and education?

ASCE supports programs that foster and appreciation for, and education in, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Increased awareness and support for STEM education fields, such as engineering, is critical to develop the pipeline of civil engineers that are necessary to design, maintain, and build our nation’s infrastructure into the future.

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Talking points

  1. To realize the full potential of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, it will be critical to have the civil engineering workforce in place or the nation will not be able to effectively utilize the influx of funding.
  2. While Congress recognizes the recent workforce needs across the construction and engineering sectors, it will be paramount for federal policymakers to encourage state and local government to include skilled workers in their long-term workforce plans.
  3. Federal agencies should partner with the engineering community to develop programs that can assist state STEM education and workforce plans.
  4. The nation must continue to foster a diverse pipeline of skilled workers, and not only bring students into the industry, but keep engineers in the United States. Furthermore, policymakers should fund targeted outreach to disadvantaged communities in order to address the ongoing gender, racial, and ethnic diversity gap that persists in the engineering field.

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ASCE staff contact: Martin Hight - Senior Manager, Government Relations