The ASCE Associate Editor Award recognizes an Associate Editor who has provided consistent and exemplary service to a particular journal or practice periodical, or a substantial unique contribution to the enhancement of ASCE's publication activities. Recognition by this award represents the respect and appreciation of the recipient's peers, as nominations are initiated by the Editors.

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Nominations for the ASCE Associate Editor Award are solicited annually from the Editors. The nomination consists of a letter signed by the nominating Editor, detailing specific reasons for the nomination. The nominator is encouraged to seek information from ASCE Publications staff, such as performance statistics, to support the nomination. A brief (two-page) résumé, giving relevant biographical information for the nominee should be attached to the letter. The nominations are reviewed and the recipient is selected by the Board Committee on Publications.

The ASCE Associate Editor Award need not be given every year. Only 1 recipient is eligible for the award in a given year.