EC3 (Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator)

SAM 100 Construction Robotics

The Autodesk BUILD Space Technology Center in Boston

Wall of Wind Resilience and Innovation Facility * State of Florida * National Science Foundation * Permastellisa Group * Florida Sea Grant * FM Global * Applied Insurance Research (AIR) Worldwide * RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd.

Targeted Hits for Modal Parameter Estimation and Rating (THMPER) * Rutgers University * Drexel University * Federal Highway Administration * Pennoni Associates Inc. * Intelligent Infrastructure Systems

Seismic Design Methodology for Precast Concrete Diaphragms * Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute * University of Arizona * Lehigh University * University of California San Diego * S. K. Ghosh Associates, Inc.

Thermal Integrity Profiler • University of South Florida • Pile Dynamics, Inc. • Foundation & Geotechnical Engineering LLC • Florida State Department of Transportation • Washington State Department of Transportation

RABITTM Bridge Deck Assessment Tool • Rutgers University, Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation • FHWA, Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center • Geomedia Research and Development • Ingegneria Dei Sistemi

Hybrid-Composite Beam (HCB®) • HC Bridge Company, LLC • Transportation Research Board – IDEA Program • The University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering • Transportation Technology Center, Inc.

New Sustainable Concrete Mix Design • American Engineering Testing, Inc. • Cemstone Products Company

Bridge-in-a-BackpackTM • Advanced Structures and Composites Center of the University of Maine • Maine DOT • Advanced Infrastructure Technologies, LLC

Eco Sound Barrier
• Centria

Claremont Tunnel Seismic Upgrade
• East Bay Municipal Utility District

Lightweight Modular Composite Firewall System
• Composite Support & Solutions, Inc.
• Southern California Edison
• San Diego State University
• University of Southern California

Cable-Stayed Bridge Cradle System
• FIGG Engineering Group in collaboration with:
• Ohio Department of Transportation
• Federal Highway Administration
• Maine Department of Transportation
• CTL Group
• DSI America
• University of Toledo, Department of Civil Engineering
• Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel, The University of Western Ontario
• Lawrence Technological Institute
• University of Maine, Civil Engineering Department

The Shawnessy Light Rail Transit Station Thin-Shell Pre-Cast Platform Canopy System of Ductal® Fiber- Reinforced Concrete
• Lafarge North America, Inc.
• City of Calgary
• University of Calgary
• Stantex Architecture Ltd.
• Speco Engineering
• Strudes Inc.

Coupled Truss Walls with Damped Link Elements
• WSP Cantor Seinuk
• Enrique Martinez Romero
• S.A., Taylor Devices, Inc.
• State University of New York at Buffalo

Steel Plate/Composite Concrete Shear Wall System
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Tunnel Jacking Design for the Boston Central Artery Project
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MMFX Microcomposite Steel Rebar
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Economical Rehabilitation of a SteelTruss Bridge Using an FRP Deck
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Composite Transmission Tower and Construction Technology
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Ice Ban™ Deicing Products
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Smart-Leg Shockless Load Transfer System
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Knapp Street Laboratory and Environmental Information Center
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Simplified Monitoring System for Civil Structures
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Eclipse™ Shrinkage Reducing Admixture
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High Performance Steels for Highway Bridge Applications
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Development and Application of Aramid Tendons
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The FIRP™ Glulams
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Carbon Shell Space Truss Bridge
• University of California, San Diego, Division of Structural Engineering