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  • 2024:Suman Naishadham, Brittany Peterson, and Camille Fasset

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Award criteria

In 1994, ASCE established the Excellence in Journalism Award to honor newspaper journalists for outstanding articles that enhance public understanding of the role and impact of civil engineering in designing solutions for clean water, transportation, the environment, and other public works projects. In 2006, the award was expanded to include journalists and producers from English-language, general-interest regional and national newspapers, radio and television stations, magazines, and electronic and Web-based news outlets.

The news media wield tremendous impact on public opinion about civil engineers and civil-engineering-related issues. For example, news coverage can influence vital infrastructure legislation, licensing laws and building codes. Coverage also can affect talented young people's decisions to pursue careers in civil engineering.

Through this annual national award, ASCE hopes to encourage continued coverage of civil engineering and related issues as a means of engaging the public in civil engineering initiatives impacting their community.


  1. The award may be presented to 1 or more nominees. Honorable Mention awards may also be presented. The award may be presented at ASCE's Outstanding Projects And Leaders (OPAL) Awards Gala or the ASCE Convention.
  2. The award selection committee shall recommend to the Executive Committee of the ASCE Board of Direction for final approval a recipient who is judged superior based on how well they a) fairly cover all sides of the civil engineering project or issue; b) accurately describe the civil engineering project or issue; c) effectively explain how the project or outcome of the issue benefits the community or region; d) clearly show the civil engineer's role; e) include the most knowledgeable civil engineering experts; and f) advance public knowledge and understanding of the civil engineering profession and its issues.
  3. The award includes a trophy and cash honorarium which shall be sufficient to reimburse travel expenses to attend the OPAL Awards Gala in order to receive the award in person. The award is self-supporting. Allowable expenses are funded from an endowment created by contributions.
  4. The award encourages participation by ASCE Sections and Branches in the form of nomination submission and the sponsorship of local awards programs. Individual members can also submit nominations, and journalists, editors and producers may nominate themselves or their colleagues.
  5. Entries should be submitted via the required nomination and submission form and should be sent to the ASCE Media Relations Department. The nomination and submission form will open on January 11. All entries are due by March 3.
  6. The award honors stories from general-interest, English-language, non-trade related regional and national newspapers, magazines, electronic/Web-based news outlets, and radio and television stations.
  7. The story must appear in the 12-month period ending October 1 of the year of award.
  8. If a story is co-authored or co-produced, at least one of the reporters must be a full time journalist.
  9. The award selection committee shall be composed of one representative from each of the following standing committees as designated by their respective committee chair: Committee on Advancing the Profession, Committee on Education, Committee on Technical Advancement, Member Communities Committee, Public Policy Committee, Committee on Preparing the Future Civil Engineer, Committee for America's Infrastructure, and Committee on Sustainability.
  10. The chair of the award selection committee shall be either the designated representative from the Committee for America's Infrastructure or the designated representative from Committee on Preparing the Future Civil Engineer, whoever has served on the award selection committee for the longer period; the representative who is not the Chair shall serve as the Vice Chair.
  11. Committee representatives shall serve two-year overlapping terms.


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