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The American Society of Civil Engineers instituted the Norman Medal in 1872 with an endowment by George H. Norman, M.ASCE. With the assent and the approval of the donors, on June 1, 1897, the Society assumed responsibility for the payment in perpetuity of the Norman Medal.

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  • Jumari Robinson, Ph.D., A.M.ASCE; Adrian Brugger, Ph.D., EIT, A.M.ASCE; Matthew Sloane, Ph.D.; and Raimondo Betti, Ph.D., M.ASCE for the paper, “Experimental-Numerical Determination of the Effective Bulk Thermal Conductivity of Suspension Bridge Main Cables,” Journal of Bridge Engineering, October 2022.

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  1. The Norman Medal recognizes a paper that makes a contribution to either practical or research aspects of engineering disciplines. The practical value of contribution and its impact on engineering practice are important considerations. The award is presented annually to the author(s) of an original paper not previously contributed in whole or in part to any other association or publication prior to its publication by the Society. Papers published in a print issue of an ASCE journal in the 12 month period ending with June of the year preceding the year of award are eligible.
  2. Papers written jointly by Society members and non-members are eligible, provided at least half of the authors are ASCE members in good standing at the time of nomination.
  3. Nominations may be submitted by anyone and must be sent directly to the Honors and Awards Program office by October 1. The Honors and Awards Program office will transmit nominations to the appropriate ASCE Organizational Entity for review.
    1. Each ASCE Organizational Entity may recommend for review up to two candidate papers for consideration by the Paper Review Committee.
    2. Only those candidate nominations received by the Honors and Awards Program office from the ASCE Organizational Entity by January 15 will be considered by the Paper Review Committee.
    3. The nominated papers are reviewed by the Paper Review Committee which recommends the recipient(s) to the Society Awards Committee, which then requests approval from the ASCE Board of Direction Executive Committee. The Paper Review Committee is composed of two representatives from the Committee on Technical Advancement (CTA) and one representative of each Institute. Its Chair is the senior CTA member. Committee members serve three-year staggered terms.
  4. The paper considered second in merit to the Norman is be deemed the winner of the J. James R. Croes Medal. Papers not selected for either award are ineligible for re-nomination.
  5. The lead author receives the medal. All other authors receive a certificate.


To nominate, submit the following:

You can submit your nomination electronically to [email protected], or by mail to:

ASCE Honors and Awards
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