Nomination Deadline: October 1st

Nominations for this award are papers nominated for the Norman Medal. This prize was established by the Society on October 1, 1912, and is named in honor of the first recipient of the Norman Medal, John James Robertson Croes, Past President, ASCE.

Recent winners

  • 2022 - Xihaier Luo, Ph.D., Aff.M.ASCE and Ahsan Kareem, Ph.D., F.EMI, NAE, Dist.M.ASCE

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  1. The Croes Medal is awarded annually, under the rules governing the award of the Norman Medal.
  2. There is no direct nomination of papers for this award. The pool of nominations for this award is those papers submitted and not selected for the Norman Medal. The medal is awarded to the author, or authors, of such paper as may be judged worthy of the award and be next in order of merit to the paper to which the Norman Medal is awarded. If the Norman Medal is not awarded, the Croes Medal may be awarded to the paper judged worthy for its merit as a contribution to engineering science.
  3. The nominated papers are reviewed by the Paper Review Committee which shall recommend the recipient(s) to the Society Awards Committee which shall request approval from the Executive Committee of the Board of Direction. The Paper Review Committee shall be composed of 2 representatives from the Committee on Technical Advancement (CTA) and 1 representative of each Institute. Its chair shall be the senior CTA member. Committee members shall serve 3 year staggered terms.
  4. Papers not selected for either the Croes or Norman medals shall be ineligible for re-nomination.
  5. The award consists of a medal. In the case of a paper written by more than one author, the lead author shall receive the medal. All other authors shall receive only a certificate.