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This award was established in 1999 by the Geo-Institute of the Society in honor of Ralph B. Peck, Dist.M.ASCE. Funds to support this award were donated by the Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA, formerly ASFE).

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  • 2024: Jorge G. Zornberg, P.D., P.E., F.ASCE

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  1. The award is presented for outstanding contributions to the geotechnical engineering profession through the publication of a thoughtful, carefully researched case history or histories, or the publication of recommended practices or design methodologies based on the evaluation of case histories.
  2. The award may be given annually to a single author or to 2 or more collaborating authors for the publication of a case history or histories, or methodologies and recommended practices based on case histories, that provide valuable insights into the geotechnical aspects of constructed facilities. The award may be given for a single paper or for 2 or more papers written by the same author(s). The published work must involve the evaluation of subsurface conditions pertaining to the performance of constructed works, with appropriate analysis, description of project design, and recommendations for improved future design and construction practices. The relevant paper or papers will be cited during the presentation of the award.
  3. Emphasis will be placed on a peer-reviewed paper or papers published in an appropriate journal and/or in conference proceedings within an approximate 5 year period before the award decision.
  4. The award recipient or recipients will be invited to deliver the Peck Lecture describing he lessons learned from the relevant case history or histories at a location chosen by the Board of Governors of the Geo-Institute. The lecture will be given no later than 1 year after its announcement.
  5. Nominees not selected in a given year shall be held over for consideration through the next two cycles. At the end of the third cycle, nominees not chosen will no longer be eligible for consideration. Nominators who wish their candidate to be considered for another three-cycle period must produce a new nomination package.
  6. The award will be given without regard for Society membership or nationality.
  7. The selection of the award recipient will be made by the Board of Governors of the Geo-Institute of ASCE from a list of three nominees to be provided by the Award Committee of the Geo-Institute of ASCE. Final approval shall be the responsibility of the ASCE Executive Committee. Nominations will be considered from any society with members engaged in the practice of geotechnical engineering.
  8. The award consists of a gold-plated medal and cash prize determined annually by, and subject to, the approval of the Executive Committee of the ASCE Board of Direction, based on the income from the award endowment. The lead author shall receive the medal and cash prize. All other authors shall receive only a certificate.


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