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This medal was established by the Engineering Mechanics Institute to commemorate Professor Robert H. Scanlan's lifetime achievements in the field of engineering mechanics. The award consists of a medal. This award is funded by The Johns Hopkins University. It was instituted by the Board of Direction in 2002.

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  • 2022: Balakumar Balachandran, Ph.D., A.M.ASCE

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  1. The medal will be awarded to an individual in recognition of distinguished achievement in engineering mechanics based upon scholarly contributions to both theory and practice. The areas of achievement will generally be structural mechanics, wind engineering, and aerodynamics.
  2. The medal will ordinarily be granted for cumulative distinguished contributions in mechanics. In exceptional cases, it may be awarded for a single contribution of outstanding merit. The medal may be awarded every year at the discretion of the selection committee and will be limited to one individual. Final approval shall be the responsibility of the ASCE Executive Committee.
  3. The Award Selection Committee will consist of the Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) Scanlan Award Selection Committee. It will be chaired by the chair of the EMI Scanlan Award Selection Committee.
  4. The medal will be given without regard for Society membership or nationality.
  5. No individual shall receive the medal more than once.
  6. 10 years after the establishment of the award, the Executive Committee of the EMI may review and propose modifications to the above criteria and rules.


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