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    Transformative Tower

    Oct - 2018

    By Ron Klemencic, P.E., S.E., Hon.AIA, F.ASCE , Mike Valley, P.E., S.E., M.ASCE, and John Hooper, P.E., S.E., F.ASCE

    The tallest structure in San Francisco, Salesforce Tower, has transformed the city's skyline. And by being the first skyscraper to extend deep  foundations into the city's bedrock, the first to extend performance-based seismic design to account for increased capacity, and the first to employ a structure-soil-structure interaction analysis in a real-world project, it may transform structural engineering in the Bay Area as well.

    web article

    Iron Will Moves a Highway

    Oct - 2018

    By Patrick Huston, P.E., Vincent T. Gastoni, P.E., and Jim Thomsen

    It's not every day that a major highway needs to be moved out of the way of an operational iron mine. But that's just what happened in Virginia, Minnesota. The seven-year project was the culmination of teamwork, communication, and unwavering commitment.

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    A Question of Ethics scales

    A new employee is hired to join the staff of a small engineering firm. The employee uses a wheelchair, and he asks his new coworkers' assistance in ensuring that aisles and hallways within the office are kept clear of obstructions. Unfortunately, in the cramped and cluttered workspace, it is not uncommon for other employees to leave file boxes, small equipment, and other materials on the floor--making it difficult for the employee to navigate his wheelchair through the office space. How does this hypothetical scenario relate to Fundamental Canon 8 of ASCE's Code of Ethics?  

    A Question of Ethics

    2018 - 10 - HL - Moffat Tunnel

    Ever since the founding of the city of Denver in the mid-19th century, people have been drawn to the Rocky Mountains that tower above it. Some of the city's founders dreamed of gold or silver. Others dreamed of steel as they planned to link the isolated metropolis to the coasts via the transcontinental railroad.  Indeed, no one dreamed bigger or struggled against lon­ger odds than David Halliday Moffat, who dreamed of a rail connection through the Rockies into Utah. Though he never saw it completed, his vision led to the creation of a monu­mental tunnel 9,000 ft above sea level and a secondary tunnel that brought water from the mountains to the city.

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