Date: November 7, 2023

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SPONSORED WEBINAR provided by the Alliance for PE Pipe, Core & Main and WL Plastics

Register for the final webinar of the 2023 HDPE webinar series, sponsored by the Alliance for PE Pipe. We will delve into the critical topic of larger diameter transmission mains. These mains play a vital role in delivering substantial volumes of water to municipalities, but their age has raised concerns about potential failures.

Prepare to gain valuable insights learned from the Water Research Foundation as we share their comprehensive statistical analysis of failure occurrences in large diameter pipes. We will explore the durability and reliability of large diameter HDPE pipes, shedding light on their performance over time. Our experts will share their experiences and strategies for overcoming logistical constraints when dealing with pipes of this magnitude.


  • Peter Dyke, Executive Director, Alliance for PE Pipe


  • Alan Ambler, AM Trenchless
  • Jim Johnston, McElroy
  • Rusty Reeves, Core & Main
  • Stephen Boros, Pipeline Plastics