Heather Finfrock is responsible for the planning, analysis, review, and management of civil and water resource engineering projects. Technical duties include performing hydrologic and hydraulic engineering tasks including land use characterization, watershed delineation, outlet structure evaluation, culvert sizing, and floodplain/floodway analysis and delineation. Management duties include coordination with multi‐disciplinary teams for drainage studies, floodway projects, watershed studies, and flood reduction projects. These duties also include generation of proposals and coordination with clients and various regulatory agencies.

Finrock performs computer modeling utilizing software developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (HEC‐1, HEC‐2, HEC‐RAS and HEC‐HMS models), the Natural Resources Conservation Service (TR‐20 model), the Federal Highway Administration (HY‐8 model) and other software companies (ESRI ArcGIS with the HEC‐GeoRAS and HEC‐GeoHMS extensions and Watershed Concepts' WISE software package). She also has experience teaching engineers from local governments the HEC‐HMS and HEC‐RAS software at both a beginner and more advanced levels.