Joe Wagner is a Senior Dredging Engineer serving in the southeastern U.S. He has worked on various dredging engineering projects, including developing long-range dredged material management plans; designing upland dredged material containment facilities; creating dredging management plans, economic evaluations, and evaluating alternate dredging technologies; garnering Sovereign Submerged Lands leases; and assisting with site inspections and evaluations of nearly 60 dredged material management facilities. Mr. Wagner has a Master of Engineering in Coastal and Ocean Engineering from Texas A&M University (2001).

Mr. Wagner has also served as a project manager responsible for marine and freshwater projects including waterfront design and development of plans and specifications. Mr. Wagner has coordinated with government representatives and regulatory agencies in property acquisition, planning, permitting, designing, and construction administration of numerous dredged material management areas and dredging projects in Florida, Southeastern United States, South America, and the Caribbean. He is a member of ASCE as well as the ASCE Coasts, Ocean, Ports, and Rivers Institute.