Marta Miletić (PhD) is an Assistant Professor in Geotechnical Engineering at San Diego State University. She earned her Ph.D. in Geotechnical Engineering from Kansas State University, after which she served as an Assistant Professor at Auburn University for two years. Dr. Miletić also holds Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. Dr. Miletić’s research centers on socially and environmentally sustainable solutions for built environments for rural and tribal communities. Her research is currently focused on multi-technique experimental, imaging, and computational modeling of multi-physical phenomena in natural and engineered geomaterials. This research has significant potential towards increased resilience and sustainability of civil infrastructure materials and structures. Additionally, she investigates the development of biopolymer technologies for different agricultural, environmental, geotechnical, and structural applications. So far, her work has been funded by the NSF, NASA, CalTrans, Alabama DoT, and the San Diego Foundation. Beyond her research, Dr. Miletić actively encourages students, especially those underrepresented in STEM fields, to pursue engineering careers.