On-demand Webinar


0.1 CEU / 1 PDH


Individual (one engineer): Member $25 | Non-member $125

Group/site (up to 30 engineers): Member $199 | Non-member $299


Andy Martin, Infotech CTO

Ron Gant, P.E. (TX inactive), Sr. Consultant/SME for DPS & BIM

Purpose and background

This course is in co-sponsorship with the Construction Institute.

Planning, design, construction, and asset management are historically looked at individually and operated by siloed departments. As the civil infrastructure industry adopts a necessary digital transformation, we have to look at each phase of the project lifecycle collectively and connect the disparate systems in order to support full asset lifecycle management. The industry is shifting toward the development and use of open data standards to support interoperability and one way Infotech is supporting this initiative is by adopting Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) in its online bidding software. The Model Viewer in Bid Express® at Bidx.com®, which is currently in a pre-production phase, is an agnostic 3D model viewer associated with each proposal and is the company’s first step toward open data standards in its software. BIM expert Ron Gant and technology leader Andrew Martin will explore the overall goals of IFC and how implementing these standards in a bidding platform is the best way to connect the owner and contractors.

Benefits and learning outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain software vendors supporting digital delivery and open data standards.
  • Describe how IFC creates significant strides toward full digital project delivery.
  • Explain how a 3D model can be part of the bid packet.

Assessment of learning outcomes

Learning outcomes are assessed and achieved through participation in the live Q/A with our speakers, and by responding to the post-session survey.

Who should attend?

  • Construction contractors
  • Transportation agents
  • Construction firms
  • Transportation agencies