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ExCEEd Teaching Workshop

  • The ExCEEd Teaching Workshop is a six-day practicum that provides engineering educators with an opportunity to improve their teaching abilities.  ASCE has successfully presented this workshop each summer for the past nineteen years.  Faculty members across the country and around the world have benefited from this workshop.

    The workshop learning objectives are:

    • Explaining what constitutes effective teaching.
    • Applying learning style models to the organization and conduct of a class.
    • Using Classroom Assessment Techniques to assess student learning.
    • Organizing a class.
    • Delivering classroom instruction.
    • Assessing a class from a student’s perspective.
    • Self-assessing your own class.


    There are three workshops this year:

    • Nebraska:
    • New York:
    • Florida:


    Applicants who are accepted to an ASCE ExCEEd Teaching Workshop will be named "ExCEEd Teaching Fellows." The workshop registration fee is $1,000.00.* 

    *The workshop cost $2,500 per participant to conduct. ASCE is investing $1,500 in each participant as a fellowship. 


    Deadline to Apply: .

    *Statement of Support must be received in order for your application to be considered complete and reviewed.

    ExCEEd Graduates

    ExCEEd II

    The ExCEEd Teaching Workshop II is a one and a half day practicum that includes: a refresher to the ExCEEd model, teaching practice, advanced topics on teaching and learning, and integrated discussion activities. This is an excellent opportunity or ExCEEd graduates to practice, improve, and expand their teaching skills with other like-minded colleagues. In addition, the workshop will include seminars and activities addressing topics such as the following:

    • ExCEEd I review
    • Expert novice learning principles
    • Creating and managing student teams
    • Large classroom techniques
    • Difficult students
    • Project based learning and design
    • Distance learning practices

    These seminars are augmented by a demonstration class presented by an ExCEEd faculty mentor that models high-quality teaching and new techniques. Participants will teach two practice classes and receive constructive feedback from an xCEEd faculty mentor and team members. Classes will be videotaped so that participants can more effectively assess their own performance. This ExCEEd refresher will enable faculty to continue improving their teaching skills, building their confidence and poise, and enhancing their self-assessment skills necessary for continued long-term development.

    Who Should Attend?

    The ExCEEd Teaching Workshop II is open to any faculty member who has attended a previous ExCEEd Teaching Workshop and strives to be a better teacher.

    Participant Qualifications:

    • Be a graduate of the ExCEEd Teaching Workshop;
    • Be currently employed by a two-year or four-year institution of higher learning;
    • Teach in civil engineering or a closely related area including technology; and
    • Be a member of ASCE or its institutes.


    • TBD

    Registration & Fee

    The cost to attend the ExCEEd Teaching Workshop II is $600. Space is limited and registrations will be taken as they are received.

    Not Currently Open for Registration

    The Mini-ExCEEd Teaching Workshop

    The Mini-ExCEEd Teaching Workshop is a day and a half condensed version of the full ExCEEd Teaching Workshop. However, the Mini-ExCEEd is not a replacement for the full workshop. The Mini-ExCEEd Workshop introduces faculty members of all disciplines to the ExCEEd Teaching Model.  

    24 faculty members can be accommodated at the Mini-ExCEEd Workshop with two master teachers giving the seminars.

    The Mini-ExCEEd Workshop is a by request program and is based on availability.

    For more information, contact Dion Coward.

    ExCEEd New Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award

    This award was established by ASCE's Project ExCEEd (Excellence in Civil Engineering Education) and the Committee on Faculty Development to recognize and reward outstanding new faculty.

    View Eligibility & Nomination Requirements