ASCE has honored Elyce R. Pimentel, S.M.ASCE, with the 2021 Daniel W. Mead Prize for Students for the paper “Societal Ethics in Civil Engineering During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The prize is awarded annually for the most well-written papers on professional ethics. This year’s paper topic was, During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and universities shut down and/or imposed other stringent measures to combat the spread of the virus. How should the civil engineering profession respond to this situation and what are our ethical responsibilities associated with civil engineering–related operations such as offices, universities, construction sites, exam centers, and transit systems in response to the pandemic?

The Committee on Student Members (CSM) reviewed 78 submissions and found the paper written by ASCE Student Member Elyce Pimentel, titled “Societal Ethics in Civil Engineering During the COVID-19 Pandemic,”to be well-written and her approach to the assigned topic to be insightful.

The Daniel W. Mead Prize for Students is awarded to the author or authors of a paper on professional ethics. Each year the specific topic of the contest is selected by the ASCE Committee on Student Services.