Fellowships are for graduate students. Applicants must be current ASCE Members in good standing.

If you have questions, please contact us.


2024–2025 ASCE Society Fellowship Recipients

  • Jenna Hays, S.M.ASCE (Northern Arizona Univ.) Arthur S. Tuttle Fellowship
  • Maksymilian Jasiak, S.M.ASCE (Univ. of California, Berkeley) Trent R. Dames and William W. Moore Fellowship
  • Ronald Orellana, S.M.ASCE (Univ. of Virginia) Arthur S. Tuttle Fellowship
  • Joseph Pugh, S.M.ASCE (Colorado State Univ.) J. Waldo Smith Hydraulic Fellowship
  • Brian Roche, A.M.ASCE (Auburn Univ.) Freeman Fellowship 
  • Sarina Shahhosseini, S.M.ASCE (Arizona State Univ.) Trent R. Dames and William W. Moore Fellowship
  • Brennan Smith, A.M.ASCE (Bucknell Univ.) Arthur S. Tuttle Fellowship
  • Nancy Zazueta, A.M.ASCE (Stanford Univ.) Arthur S. Tuttle Fellowship


Civil engineering graduate students are often interested in learning about Society Fellowships. The following information will help you better understand tuition assistance offered by ASCE. If you have questions not addressed here, please contact the Scholarship Department.

If I am not an ASCE Member, am I still eligible for a fellowship?
Society Fellowships are reserved for ASCE members. For assistance in joining the Society please call ASCE's Customer Help Desk at 1-800-548-2723.

I am in a combined BS/MS program. Do I apply for a fellowship or a scholarship?
You must decide whether you consider yourself a graduate or undergraduate student during the anticipated period of the scholarship/fellowship award. If you consider yourself a graduate student in a combined program, you should apply for a fellowship; if you consider yourself an undergraduate student in a combined program, you should apply for a scholarship. Please note: your decision to apply for a fellowship does not permit you to apply also for a scholarship and vice versa.

ASCE has several fellowships. How do I choose the one to apply for?
You should review the rules for all Society Fellowships to determine the ones closest to your interest area.

Can I apply for more than one fellowship?
Yes. You may apply for as many fellowships as you wish, but you must meet the criteria for each fellowship that you apply for. Each application must be submitted individually and each must be complete.

How much will a fellowship give me?
The amount each fellowship provides varies from year to year, depending on the selection committee’s evaluation of applications and financial health of the fund endowment. Fellowships generally offer $2,500 to $5,000 per recipient.

If I am awarded a fellowship, do I get half of the amount in the first semester and another half in the second semester?
No, the full amount of the fellowship is paid at one time.

Does the money come to me?
If you receive a fellowship, a check is sent to you and not to your school.

When are applications due?
Complete applications are due no later than February 10 of the year of award (exception: O. H. Ammann Research Fellowship in Structural Engineering applications are due November 1).

When does ASCE announce fellowships and how will I know when I’ve been selected?
Generally, in spring, the Society’s Executive Director sends award letters electronically. If you have been selected for a fellowship, you will receive a letter in your email inbox. Your faculty advisor will also receive a copy of the letter. Unsuccessful candidates will receive a letter letting them know they were not selected.

What do I have to do after I’ve been notified of my selection?
There are 3 items you will be required to provide. Your congratulatory letter will request:

  1. Acceptance form – you must complete and return this form, stating you wish to accept the scholarship/fellowship. If you are no longer interested in receiving the scholarship, you will be able to indicate your decision to decline the scholarship/fellowship. This form is due within two weeks of your notification.
  2. Headshot/Bio – to publicize your scholarship award, we ask for your recent color headshot and recent short bio.
  3. Enrollment verification form – you must complete this form and return it to the Honors and Awards Program office no later than mid-December. This form will allow funds to be disbursed.

If I received a fellowship one year, am I automatically considered for the next year?
No. You must apply again, provided you are eligible under the rules of the individual fellowship.