Awarded to encourage creation of new knowledge in structural design and construction.

Recent Society Fellowship Recipients


  • Sheila Ariana, S.M.ASCE, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Pedram Bazrafshan, S.M.ASCE, Drexel University
  • Abdullah Braik, S.M.ASCE, Texas A&M University at College Station
  • Henrique Martins, S.M.ASCE, University of Notre Dame
  • Xukai Zhang, S.M.ASCE, Texas A&M University

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  • Must be a member of the Society in any grade, and must be in good standing at the time of award;
  • During the tenure of this fellowship, the recipient may not work on research projects other than that for which this fellowship has been granted; but recipients may accept other awards if the conditions of such awards are the same as those for this fellowship;
  • Evidence must be shown throughout the application that the recipient has the ability to conceive and explore original ideas in the field of structural engineering.

Application Instructions

Online application must completed and submitted in a single session. All application materials must be submitted in English.

Application Deadline: November 1

To complete the online application, You must have the following:

  1. A PDF that includes the following items:
    1. Contact Information Form
    2. Personal essay on why you should receive this Fellowship. In no more than 500 words, highlight why you chose to become a civil engineer, your specific ASCE Student Chapter involvement, any special financial needs, and your long term goals and plans;
    3. A detailed statement indicating how the Fellowship monies will be used;
    4. Description of proposed research and objectives;
    5. Statement from the institution at which the research is to be done that the applicant and proposed research are acceptable to the institution (3 pages maximum);
    6. A 1 to 2 page resume should be attached which includes honors, activities, organizations, ASCE student chapter activities including any offices held, and any work experience;
  2. Maximum of 2 letters of recommendation. Recommendations must be submitted online by the author and must have a signature and be on letterhead.
  3. Official Transcripts: A digital copy of an official transcript must be sent from your institution to [email protected].

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  • Stipend for the Fellowship will be about $5,000, amount determined annually based on funds available from the endowment.
  • The following year of award, the recipient may apply for a renewal prior to November 1.
  • The Research Fellow is required to submit a full report on completed research to SEI.

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