Date: November 14, 2023

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SPONSORED WEBINAR provided by Seequent

Join our technical experts on topics ranging from effectively utilizing your site investigation data, to slope stability, through to informing design. The interconnected use of subsurface data at every stage of the workflow can increase confidence and reduce risk for consultants, contractors, and owners.

Attendees will gain knowledge of:

Integrating and visualizing available subsurface data

A 3D geological engineering model will change how you and your stakeholders look at the ground beneath your project, bringing clarity to even the most complex subsurface conditions. Bringing together the different data sets for your projects in a visual, interactive environment ensures your teams no longer waste their time battling with disparate geoscience data and allows for easier and more effective communication with stakeholders.

Interpreting subsurface data to aid geotechnical analysis

Ensuring you build and operate resilient and safe infrastructure is essential. Sound numerical analysis validates design and construction works, enabling contractors to safely deliver projects and owner operators to ensure resilient and reliable operation. We'll show you how to utilize ground models that can then be used as part of the geotechnical analysis for a project, saving time and providing greater consistency through different stages of your workflows.

Managing geoscience data and collaborating to refine project design

A subsurface digital twin approach for ground models is future-proofing for resilient and sustainable operation. Give your teams a unified and cohesive workspace in the cloud that keeps everyone up to date with changes as they happen, ensuring consistency to minimize risk. The ground models can be brought into the design space to understand the subsurface conditions' impact on the project design and aid in improving and refining project design.


  • Sean Buchanan, Project Geologist, Seequent
  • Trevor Kent, Geotechnical Engineer, Seequent
  • Simba Muchineripi, Customer Success Manager, Seequent