Date: August 9, 2023

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SPONSORED WEBINAR provided by Seequent, a Bentley Company

This webinar includes a case history that covers the soil-pipe interaction analyses for the $130-million Ward County Water Supply Project for the Colorado River Municipal Water District (CRMWD) in Big Spring, Texas. A severe drought in West Texas created a water supply crisis forcing CRMWD to build an emergency water supply project including approximately 50 miles of 42- and 48-inch diameter raw water pipelines. The use of FEM (finite element method) analyses using PLAXIS software allowed the fast-track design to proceed on schedule and saved $3 million by allowing some of the trench excavation soils to be reused as pipe embedment.

Attendees will gain a basic understanding of:

  • Laboratory soil testing and the correlations required to develop parameters for input into a non-linear soil model
  • How to develop the FEM models for soil-pipe interaction analyses, and
  • How to interpret the results.


Garry H. Gregory, Ph.D., P.E., S.E., BC.GE, M.ASCE, Principal Consultant, Gregory Geotechnical