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About the Competition

The mission of the 2022 ASCE Innovation Contest is to develop an innovation that addresses one (or more) of the UN Sustainability Goals as envisioned fitting into the Future World Vision Project, “Infrastructure Reimagined.” Participating teams will develop and pitch their innovation to the judges and at a minimum provide proof of concept for its feasibility and innovative potential. The closer your innovation is to having a proof of concept and a business plan, the more persuasive the result.

The ASCE Innovation Contest was launched by the Industry Leaders Council and is now 100% supported by the Innovation sponsors of the ASCE Convention.

Rules and RFIs

The rules are intended to stimulate creative infrastructure solutions using the five ASCE Future World Vision cities as a backdrop and point of reference. Students and teams should read these rules thoroughly and seek clarifications, as necessary.

The competition provides a “Requests for Information (RFI)” period so that student teams can ask questions about the rules. See the rules document for where and when to send RFIs as well as how to access the responses.

View the rules (PDF)

Student Conference Competitions

The ASCE Innovation Contest (previously ASCE Blue Sky Innovation Contest) was held as a pilot competition at five 2021 ASCE Student Conferences: Carolinas, North Central, Rocky Mountain, Southeast, and Texas-Mexico.

2022 Finals Competition

The Final competition for the ASCE Innovation Contest will take place in the Fall of 2022, in conjunction with the ASCE Convention – a global platform where student symposium winners will be given the opportunity to share their innovation with an international audience.

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Eligibility for Society-wide Competitions

Review the qualifications required of all ASCE Student Chapters in order to participate in an ASCE-sponsored Society-wide Competition.

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