Abdolreza (Reza) Osouli, Ph.D., P.E., is the executive director of MEA. He started working at MEA in 2008 when he was at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign working on his PhD degree in geotechnical engineering. With MEA, Dr. Osouli over the years has graduated from a Staff Engineer, a Geotechnical Engineer, a Project Engineer, a Senior Geotechnical Engineering Consultant to the Executive Director. Dr. Osouli also has been active in research and has published over 70 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers related to deep excavations, pier group foundations, geotechnical numerical analyses, geo-construction, slope stability, subsidence engineering, mine stability, rock mechanics, surface erosion levees, scours in riverbeds, base and subbase aggregate quality control for pavements, seismic performance of retaining walls, and liquefaction. Dr. Osouli also has co-authored many technical reports for various projects related to subsidence engineering and forensic engineering. Dr. Osouli has supervised engineers and technician in conducting subsurface investigation involving field and laboratory testing on soils and rocks, grouting operation of underground mine voids, seepage and stability of levees and slopes, design and analyses of underground coal mines as practicing engineer and researcher. Dr. Osouli has been member of ASCE G-I Embankments, Dams and Slopes Committee and Geotechnics of Soil Erosion for a number of years.

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