Abedalqader is currently a senior staff geotechnical engineer at Langan Engineering & Environmental Services. He received his master’s degree from Louisiana State University, where his thesis focused on Geothermal Energy Piles. Abedalqader received Ph.D. from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, with a concentration on advanced integrity testing methods for drilled shafts. Abedalqader has worked on various research projects under the guidance of Prof. Tim Stark, including co-authoring a book on drained soil shear strengths and static slope stability. Abedalqader’s areas of expertise cover deep foundations, slope stability, geosynthetics, geothermal energy piles, and coastal geotechnical engineering. He’s also been recognized with the Richard S. Ladd Standards Development Award from ASTM for his contributions to the field. He’s serving as Symposium Co-chair for the ASTM Symposium on Shear Testing of Soils in 2025.